Jesus in the Church (A Community Story)

"There is no doubt, the structure of the western organized church can be cumbersome, even embarrassing at times. There is no doubt, it can mis-prioritize, place the emphasis on the wrong thing, roll out the fog machine at the most inopportune of times. There is no doubt, pastors and elders can let us down, find a second sort of conversion in the post-salvation love of money (can’t we all). There is no doubt–the church is sick and broken.

This sickness and brokenness can operate as a sort of sleight-of-hand, a hide-the-Jesus-in-the-top-hat kind of obfuscation, though. But if we look past all of that, if we focus in just the right places,we can find Jesus in the Church if he is what we’re looking for."


Yesterday I wrote about Ann Curtis, how she was Jesus in the church to me. Today, I'm inviting you to drop in at A Deeper Church and share your story of "Jesus in the Church."  

This is a community story-telling project. Join in the conversation.