On Christian Addiction

I don't suppose that anyone sets out to become an alcoholic. Even more, I'm quite sure no one sets out to become a Christian alcoholic. But as the good saying goes, liberty is all fun and games until someone puts their eye out, and there was a time when I suppose I put my inner eye out by way of over-indulgence. It's not my favorite truth, but it's the truth nonetheless. This week, the good folks at In Touch Magazine published my article entitled "Coming Clean." In it, I discuss the dichotomy of isolated indulgence versus spiritual living in community. I put a little flesh and bones on the Scriptures, expound on what the community of faith means to me.

You can find the piece in the print magazine if you're a subscriber. But if you are not, visit the website where the article is published in full.

I hope to see you at In Touch. And as always, thanks for reading along here.


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