Radio Hosts, Podcasters, and Televangelists--Oh My!

I've had the great privilege of meeting more than a few good folks since the release of Coming Clean. I've met a radio personality or two, been privileged to meet more than a few magazine interviewers, and had near fire-side chats with a couple of podcasters. I've even had the privilege of appearing on television with and old-school televangelist (which is a story for another day). In my conversations, here's what I've found: folks genuinely want to know how to come clean from their addictions, even the socially acceptable ones. Last week, Jacque Watkins invited me onto her podcast, Mud Stories. To date, it's been one my favorite conversations. Her questions were unfiltered; our dialogue was honest. We spoke openly of pain, doubt, and the cave of the soul. What's the cave of the soul? Good question. (Click this link for the answer.)

Today, I'm inviting you to Jacque's place. Take a listen to the Mud Stories interview, then ask yourself the hard questions.


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