Staying Sober-ish

You can sneak this drink, this peek, this pill. One little thrill won't hurt, especially if the spouse is away. If you don't hear these voices, move along, move along; this conversation might be beneath you. But if these voices come calling from time to time, I suppose I'd like to tell you this: welcome to the human experience.

Do you wrestle with the haunting addictions, with the voices of the human experience? If so, I'd love to hear your two cents. How do you kill the demons that don't seem to die? It's a personal question, I know.

This is a tiny excerpt from this month's first Tiny Letter--my bi-monthly newsletter. It is a more personal Tiny Letter, one in which I write openly about the struggles of maintaining a sober-ish life. It's also a Tiny Letter in which I'm asking you to give a little feedback. I'll collect this feedback, and will repackage it in the hopes of shedding a little light on the human experience of addiction (to alcohol, pills, puking, shopping, the internet, whatever) and sobriety.

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(As always, this post on addiction, recovery, and healing process is brought to you by Coming Clean: A Story of Faith, a Christianity Today 2016 Book Awards winner.)


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