A Deeper Church

This week promises to be a fairly uneventful week here at my space. "Why?" you ask. I've been busying myself with the launch of a new channel over at Deeper Story--A Deeper Church. I'll be editing the channel, which features a number amazing and talented writers, and which promises to deliver a wide range of views on issues relating to the body of Christ--his church.

Today I want to invite you to come by that corner of the internet as D.L. Mayfield turns the "missional" paradigm on its ear. In her piece, "Why 'missional' isn't such a dirty little word," she writes:

I am in need. I need my neighbors, my community, my friends. I need Jesus to change me, completely. I am the mission.

And while you're there, leave a comment, check out our amazing group of writers, and check out the Deeper Church Facebook page. We hope you'll follow along with us! Let's explore A Deeper Church.

Photo by WeeJames under Creative Commons license.