Building the Church: Dear Little Brothers

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Building the Church

We're a small band of believers. A mishmash of misfits who gather on Sunday for scripture and sacrament. We pass prayers, pass the peace, and pass the bread and wine. On Wednesdays, we pass potluck plates of chicken, pass smiles, pass stories at the tiny farm house.  We pass pieces of ourselves one to another.

On Sunday a young family carried their legacy before our small cloud of witnesses. Creamy skin reflecting white gown, he was the baptismal baby--blue-eyed and giggling. The church stood, shoulder to shoulder, together in the most unifying of moments. We'd been learning to live life together over these last months, and this was the next step.

The priest asked whether we would shepherd this young one's faith, whether our body of belief will hold belief out for him. "We will," we said, and the conviction in the response steels spiritual bones. Father held baby over basin, and the water was poured over the child's head. This was his initiation into the church. It was our initiation into family.

Read carefully. This isn't so much about the theology of infant baptism (or the lack thereof as you might believe). This is about something bigger.

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