Screaming Opinion Babies

The Poetry of the News Cycle

Celebrity scandal. Terror event. The Christian famous trip on sin. Three day lull. Anchors scramble. Trains, plains, or automobile event. Tabloid sex. Black folks murdered. Watch a house of worship burn. Civil rights protests. High court rulings. Watch the social media churn. 

Celebrity scandal. Terror event. Maybe this time we'll break the mold. Black folks murdered. Civil rights protests. Watch a house of worship burn.

Salty Opinion Loops

We are stuck in a perpetual loop, an endless cycle of news. It's a pregnant news cycle, one that gives birth to screaming opinion after screaming opinion after screaming opinion, and all these opinion babies come crying into our social media feeds.

As a person of faith, do you feel the tension? We're called to be salt and light, yes? And [tweetherder text="What is saltier than an opinion? Only an Arkansas pork butt."]what's saltier than an opinion? Nothing but an Arkansas pork butt, I'd say.[/tweetherder]

Opine. Opine. Opine. This is how you know you're alive.

Here's the tricky bit, though. Sometimes its best to hold your tongue.

Remember Your Grandmother?

My grandmother passed last week. She was a kind soul who lived a good life. She was prone to occasional fits of gossip as humans  are, but for the most part she kept her dinner-table opinions kindly folded in her lap. It was, perhaps, her crowning quality.

I don't remember her exact words, but when I bandied opinions about, she'd often ask me whether my words were kind or helpful. It was the old if-you-can't-say-anything-nice bit, sure. But [tweetherder text="There is a reason we respected our grandmothers."]there is a reason so many of us respected our grandmothers.[/tweetherder] They lived the lost art of kindness.

The Endless Debate Place

There is a season for everything, for debate, for argument, for strident support or opposition. There are places for these things, too. Dinner tables. Coffee shops. Town hall meetings. These days, though, the entire world has become both time and place for debate, argument, and strident support or opposition. And in many of these forums where context is often lacking, there is often a conspicuous lack of one virtue--kindness.

On Tuesday, I jotted this little Facebook post. It seems to have resonated with more than a few people.