The First Domestic Ethiopian Adoption (for Abrihet)

This week, I stumbled across this Pure Charity Challenge by Kacia. Kacia is trying to raise funds to assist in the domestic adoption of 8 Ethiopian Children. Domestic adoption? As in, Ethiopian families adopting Ethiopian children? Yes, it's a reality thanks to the Kidmia Foundation's vision to equip and empower the Ethiopian church. It's beautiful.


When we first met Aschalew Abebe, the in-country director of Kidmia, Amber and I told him that we had planned to adopt an Ethiopian baby. We had withdrawn from the process, we said, because we felt the still small Voice asking us instead to engage in the work of unifying Ethiopian orphans with local families, and after hearing how Kidmia was working to rehabilitate at-risk Ethiopian families, we thought that perhaps Kidmia was just the right organization for us. Aschalew listened to us intently. Smiled and nodded with understanding.

"What was her name to be?" he asked.

"Who's name?"

"Your Ethiopian daughter. What was her name to be?"

"Abrihet," Amber said and tears filled her eyes. He pulled us close, invaded our personal space with unbridled Ethiopian compassion and said, "I know you feel like you have lost a daughter, but think of the many Ethiopian daughters you can save."


Please read the conclusion of the story at Coconut Robot, and consider throwing a nickel or two into the Pure Charity bucket. I'd love it if we could help Kacia finish this challenge! Who's in?

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