And the Winners Are... (The Lectio Divina Journal Results)

I've been practicing the slower, more restful reading of scripture. For those of you who've followed along over the last week, you know I'm writing specifically of the practice of lectio divina. Last week, I introduced you to the Lectio Divina Journal, a tool to help with the focused practice of listening to scripture. At the end of the post, I offered a chance for a few lucky readers to get their own copies of the journals, and today is the day of reckoning! AND THE WINNERS ARE (drum roll implied): Kris Camealy; Micah Smith; RJ.

The winners were chosen by way of an internet randomizer, which is to say that my personal preferences or biases played no part in the above selections. So to Kris, Micah, and RJ, I say a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!

For those of you still interested in the Lectio Divina Journal, may I suggest clicking for more information on receiving your own copy? The more I use this journal, the more convinced I am that it is the perfect tool for individual, family, or group devotion.

Thanks to all those who entered. I'll be doing more giveaways over the course of the year. Check back in from time to time.

But while you're here, would you visit the comments below and answer this question: what are the biggest hangups in your spiritual devotional practices, and what are you doing to overcome them?


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