Just Wasting Time: A Flash Fiction Challenge

Three weeks ago, I finished the third rewrite (and consequently, the first full draft) of a novel I've been pecking out since August. I sent the book to a handful of beta readers, and a few of them have made their way through it. I have been pleased with their responses, and I'm looking forward to sharing the work with you. Soon? I hope. But good things come only to those who wait.

As of Friday, I'm working with a prince of a gentlemen who'll be making a run at getting the book to market. I suppose that all the finger-crossing in the world won't speed the process along, so I reckon I need to put myself to a bit of time passing.

What better way could there be to pass the time other than penning works of flash fiction? None, I say, so that's what I'm aiming to do.

I got the idea from my friend Malone. He's one of the handiest fellows I know with the written word, and he can spin an oral-yarn like few other I've ever met. (Consequently he has also written one of the best treatments of writing I've read in some time) In any event, last Friday I found myself talking with Malone about story arcs and the difficulties of completing them in flash fiction pieces. After the conversation, I decided I'd set my hand to a bit of weekly series of flash fiction, and I thought I'd implore your help in the process.

How will you help? You can generate the narrative theme of the story. Suggest a topic, a scene, or a theme, in the comments below, and I'll pick one as the inspiration for the following week's work. I'll try my best to tackle the task in less than 500 words. And if you'd like an added measure of fun, pick one of the comments yourself and generate your own work of flash fiction.

This could be good fun, I think, and perhaps it'll generate a good story or two along the way. So throw out a topic, any topic. Who's first?


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