[fatherless generation] chapter 8: belonging to God

I Am Loved by apkennedy

To belong to God means I am no longer defined by what I do, no longer defined by my performance. I am defined by his love for me. Whatever anyone else says about me doesn’t really mean jack squat. It is only God that matters.

To belong to God means I am free to approach God with the simplicity of a child. I can share my heart with him the same way I would to my wife or best friend. No prayer is insignificant.

To belong to God means I am no longer ashamed. God heals the shame of my fatherlessness through the dignity of adoption.

~John Sowers

At the age of twelve, Jesus, already a great provocateur, disappeared into his father’s house. After a four day journey from the holy city, Mary and Joseph discovered the messianic game of hide-and-seek. Panicked, the couple horse-whipped their donkey in hard-driven hope. Oh the embarrassment of losing the savior of the world! In today’s society, Mary and Joseph would have been arrested.

“You left God where?” The police were sure to ask.*

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