Good Links (The Blacklist Edition)

I've started a scavenger hunt of sorts. I've taken it as a personal challenge to find one good photograph a week. And here's how good photos are found--they are hunted down and captured. This week, I snagged the above image of Titus and Jude. I had taken the boys to the park, and while Isaac was playing basketball and Ian was playing who-knows-what in the fort under the slide, Titus asked Jude to push him in the swing. Jude is a good big brother, the always accommodating sort, especially when it comes to Titus.

Ah, Titus! (For the latest news, click here.)

We've been in the throws of packing another house for another move, only this time we did it with trepidation. It looks like we're in house limbo again because, as it turns out, when you build your house upon Ozark stone, things have a tendency to shift. That's how our lives seem to be, lately. Always shifting.

Want to shift with me this weekend? Let's jump ship here, visit a few good links.


1.  I'm a sucker for a good writing tip. This week, the Atlantic shares an Uncomfortable Trick for Honest Writing: Staring at Strangers. The trick is exactly as it sounds. Writers, pay attention.

"I stare at people all the time, because I like to imagine their lives by looking into their faces, looking at their eyes. You can tell so much just from a person’s face."

2.  Speaking of uncomfortable, I have some sage advice, which I garnered from this piece by James Bryant: when people make you uncomfortable, block them. Block them on Twitter. Block them on Facebook. Put them on your blacklist. Whatever you do, do not engage in mutually beneficial dialogue. Just block away! This, as it turns out, is the marketing strategy of economic guru and arm-chair theologian Dave Ramsey. For more helpful brand-building wisdom and social media tips, check out Bryant's piece.

3.  John Blase opens his most recent poem, "Grown Accustomed," with this:

Its what we always do
with a thing we love.
Get dependent on it.
Then we’re terrified when
its not around anymore.

Boy, don't I know the feeling. This, however, isn't a poem about liquor or stuff. This is something wholly different. It's about living. Don't miss it.


I'm posting this because I miss my friend Water Box Wilson. He'll be making an appearance next week. Keep your eyes peeled.


There are few things that I love more in this life than discussing music. This week, I had a bit of a quandary: what kind of classical music do my friends like the most? I posted it on Facebook, and the response was both overwhelming and entertaining. The discussion has resulted in this playlist, a list which includes a selection from each person in the thread. I call the playlist, "Music to Make You More Smarter."

I hope it works.


Keeping with the theme, check out this video featuring Ludovico Einaudi. (Hat tip to Buddy Black for this piece.) It's long, but incredible. Enjoy.