Good Links (to the Bat-Cave!)

Things have been busy here in our little Ozark home--perhaps a little too busy. Amber has been stretching deeper into her words; she is in the gestation period that precedes giving birth to a book. I've said this before, but I feel like I'm watching her come to new life, and I could not be more excited about her work. It's already grand, and I say this as one who has the privilege of reading the first drafts. (Oh, lucky man am I!) The imagery is something to behold, and though it will likely be a year before you see it, prepare yourself. At the same time, we are attempting to purchase a house, a process which is not going quite as swimmingly as we would like. Evidently, the homes in Fayetteville are prone to structural shifting. Evidently, this creates a problem for the triumvirate of parties necessary to purchase a home--the buyer, the lender, and the insurance man. Evidently, we are going to be living out of boxes until our most current hope of a home passes a secondary inspection, or until Jesus returns, whichever comes first.

That being said, the boxes are not all that bad. They provide endless hours of play for the boys. Titus has taken to turning them into superhero hideouts.

Yes, this week has come to a close. We'll dig back into the writing, to the inspections, to the boxes next week. For now, though, let's occupy ourselves with some good works. What do you say?


1.  Have you ever heard of The Hating Book? It's a delightful little thing, a "charming lesson in friendship via reverse psychology by writer Janice May Urdy, published by Harper’s children’s division." I know it's odd to call a book about hating "delightful," but give thisBrain Pickings link a chance. I think you'll enjoy it (perhaps a little too much).

2.  Aren't all writers supposed to have a special relationship with their writing space? The trusty New York Times blog featured the writing spaces of a few well-seasoned authors this week. Mona Simpson turns the notion of a dedicated writing space on its head, says, "Instead of a dedicated room, my best trigger is the actual habit of reading over the texts from the day before. Marking. Changing. Fussing." This, I think, is a good word for those with tiny children running rampant through small houses. It ain't about the space as much as it's about the habit.

3.  Speaking of solid writing, check out Kelli Woodford's piece, "Remote Tremblings and Enough for Today." I like what she does with the personification of the train. I like what she does with imagery. Kelli explores some of her chops in this piece. I like it.

4.  There are few spaces I'm enjoying as much as Mandy Steward's these days. Follow her on a red button scavenger hunt, check out her fashion, play along with her artistic whims. Just visit her site.


I can't stop listening to Ben Howard. He dropped his album in 2012, but for some reason, it didn't resonate with me until this week. I keep him on repeat these days, keep trying to decipher the layers-upon-layers of meanings in his songs. Give him a spin. "The Fear," is perhaps my favorite track on the album.


How about a little more Ben Howard. How about hay bails and cattle? Yes, indeed.

Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard from mickey smith on Vimeo.

Have a great weekend. See you next week!