The Drunk Fare, The Science of Climate, and Barabbas (A Weekend Review)

The Weekend Review was a staple of my blog for a season, but my efforts to bring you the best stuff of the week every Saturday have gone the way of good intentions, or the dodo bird, or the tyrannosaurus. Intentions fail, I suppose. This week, I'm trying to revive those intentions. Why? It was a really good week for really good content.


Who needs scientists when you have ideology? Who needs expertise when you have high-school bravado? This is the subtext of this week's New York Times article, "Climate Science Meets a Stubborn Obstacle: Students." Whether you believe in climate change or you are a climate change denier, this article is worth the read.

The Biggest Uber Tip I Ever Got (or, Money Isn't Everything) is, perhaps, my favorite of Shawn Smucker's #RideshareConfessionals. In his piece, Shawn, an Uber driver and writer, shares a sort of Trumpian, slice-of-humanity rideshare tale. Do not miss it.

I wouldn't normally share a book review, but Emily Freeman's review of Russ Ramsey's Struck is worth the read. It might be a perspective shifter.

I might have had too much fun writing this. If the 15-year older version of myself shared advice with the me of today, would I listen?

Do you know about The Justice Conference? Follow the #Justice17 hashtag on Twitter and learn along.


Amber and I saw Wonder Woman. It was powerful, strong, and maybe most of all empowering. I'm not a huge fan of the big blockbusters, but this one pushed all the right buttons. Sure, there were a few logical gaps, some geographic ones, too (how did the island of the Amazons stay hidden from all those cartographers? Really?). Sure, it was still a little violent for my taste. All in all, though, it was a gem of a movie, one that teaches us the power of a woman and the power of love.


I stumbled across this gem in the local bookstore. It's a novelization of Barabbas's experience in those post-death days of Jesus. The double (and sometimes triple) entendre throughout the book is masterful. Find a used copy out there on the net. You'll be glad you did.


Learning the royal game. #chess #gameface

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Enjoy the music of Agnes Obel. This song has been on repeat all week.



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