The Weekend Review, September 24, 2016

Would you like a few good links to start you weekend? I thought so. Be well. See you Monday.



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I stumbled across a copy of The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury at The Dickson Street Bookstore and snapped it up. (You should always snap up Bradbury in used paperback.) This collection of short stories is blowing my mind. Find your own copy of The Illustrated Man here, or here, or here.

Technology: Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has pledged $3 billion to eradicate every disease. Let's hope he's successful. (Article on Wired.)

Health: Want to be less productive, less alert, and more likely to die early? Sleep less than six hours, and you'll get just that. You may think you're an above-average thinker on less than six hours of sleep (oh, you're so hard-core), but you're not. Science proves it. (Article on Inc.)

Spiritual Formation: This week, I've been writing about the spiritual formation of the marketplace. Check out this piece by Andrew Wilkes at the Huffington Post, in which he writes about the spiritual formation plan of capitalism, and how it affects people of color.

Food: We're gluten free around here, and so cooking can be quite the chore. Are you gluten free? Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite resources. This gluten-free Dutch baby is spot on. (Recipe on

Music: We all need a little Bruce from time to time. I've shared this before. I'm not afraid to share it again.


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