The Weekend Review: To Kill a Watchman... Er... Something.

It's been one of those long weeks, a week I thought might never end what with all the obligations atop obligations atop obligations. I'm plum tuckered out. I missed a great number of links this week, mostly on account of the fact that I wasn't on the internet much. I suppose that's not a bad thing. There is, after all, a real world that exists outside the confines of the digital. Right? 

Right? Sometimes I wonder.

Here's a little juice to get your weekend rolling, anyhow. A book. A few good links. Kick off your shoes. Relax a little.


I've been turning the actual, physical pages on Harper Lee's unfortunate release Go Set a Watchman. Honest confession: I'm not a fan of this book, and it has nothing to do with the ideological death of Atticus Finch. (He's not a real person, folks. Remember? It's fiction.)

In a manner of speaking, Watchman was the rough draft of To Kill a Mockingbird and though there are certainly flashes of brilliance--Scout's flashbacks to childhood, and the discussion of religious life in Maycomb--the novel itself is heavy-handed, lumbers along. I wish it'd never been published, but as my friend Megan says, "would any author really want their first draft published?"

Good point.


1. Culture:

Speaking of Megan Tietz and Watchman, allow her to convince you why it's a must read novel. She's at Storymen, making converts. Give a listen. It's worth it.

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube--have you ever wondered how much your favorite artists make per play on these free streaming services? Check out this graph at Information is Beautiful. It might shock you to see that Spotify musicians make only $0.0011 per play. What?!? A paltry sum, I'd say, unless you can convince the world to stream your songs 3 billion times. Poor Beyonce. I feel sorry for her.

2. Poetry:

Do you subscribe to the Writer's Almanac? You should. It's your daily dose of powerful poetry, and it's good. Today's poem, "After the Funderal," is by Lisa Erin Robertson. You can read it or listen to Garrison Keillor read it to you here.

3. Productivity:

There are folks among us who are font nerds. I'm not one of them. I don't flip to the back of every novel, read the typeface explanation like it's the equivalent of the liner notes from a new U2 album. But even if you aren't a font nerd, you'll dig this. A slimy, wriggling, writhing font. Ewwww.

4. Instagram of the Week :

I'm going back in time a little, reaching into the Instagram Wayback Machine to offer this public service announcement.

Public Service Announcement...

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5. Video:

What do you say when you're half asleep? This is a beautiful, wonderful, magical animation that explores the liminal space between waking and dreaming. Thanks, Brain Pickings.


Thanks for stopping in today. Have a great weekend.




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