Weekend Review: Opdiggy and the Amazing Broadway Rat

It's been a good week in these parts. I snuck a mini-vacation with Amber (what a gem I've married) sans kids, which is to say there were a few days of much-needed quiet. We walked on a beach, ate a few good meals with a few far-away friends, talked, and unwound. I shopped for sneakers--something I never feel the freedom to do--drove a coastal highway, and ate a faux-schmancy French meal in an airport. We laughed on occasion, annoyed each other on occasion, held hands on occasion.

There's nothing I like more than spending time with my best friend. I mean it.

We're back to the grind now, and I can feel the todo list lengthening. But before I start checking boxes and knocking things off that list, I'm catching up on a few of my favorite things from this week. Take a look.


I'm flipping the script a little today, giving you my music pick first. Why? It's the soundtrack of the day. Play it while you read along. (Thanks for the tunes, DJ Opdiggy.)


Are you operating at your highest and best level of contribution? This is the fundamental question of Greg McKeown's book Essentialism. It's a book that has me asking the question, "am I overreaching, tending to too many nonessential things?" It's a book of focus, of clarification.

Here's the truth: I do not like productivity books. Here's the other truth: this book might be changing my entire outlook on productivity. You need it. Trust me.



Did you keep up with this week's news? Informed brains are creative brains, or so the saying goes. See how informed you are by taking this Fast Company quiz. (For the record, I failed.)

Do you remember Zack Morris's amazing knack for productivity? Attending classes, flirting with Kelly Kapowski, selling potatoes on margin via a cell phone the size of a shoe--he was always multitasking. And perhaps you were just as productive in your high school days. Let's harken back; shall we? This week, 99u gives you some practical productivity advice in "How To Be As Productive As Your High School Self."

Do you follow Cool Hunting? It's a new favorite of mine. Check out their weekly review, wherein they share the story of the unlikely rat who made it on Broadway.


This week, I was graced with the opportunity to join Anne Bogel's podcast "What Should I Read Next." We discussed my favorite novels, my hatiest hate (of all time, ever), and what books I should read next. Let me be clear: this is one of the most fun things I've done in quite some time. Take a listen.


I hope you've enjoyed this week's selections. Stop in next week as we continue the Tuesday Reflection series, and hear from a special guest who's jumping into the Recovery Room.


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