Weekend Review: Paper Cuts and Sonnets

Amber is away doing girl things at a girl conference is a city packed with girls. I'm sure there are tears, and tea, tremulous prayers being lifted to heaven in that city that shall not be named, but in this neck of the woods, the four boys and I are all about pizza, root beer, and bodily-function jokes. At the end of the day, I'm still a boy. We have a great big day planned, one including shooting hoops and cleaning out the mini-van. (At the end of the day, I'm still a boy, that's married to a girl, that drives a mini-van to the supermarket.) But before we roll up our sleeves and get after it, let's waste a little time.

What do you say?


If this isn't a seed of hope, nothing is. Do not miss this video about Ward College in Chicago, a community college designed to help those who "want to trade in their guns for pens."

There's a lot of talk about forgiveness these days, especially the forgiveness of self. But what about the concept of absolution? Don't miss this piece for Mockingbird, in which Adam Morton writes:

"This is a nation full of Christian people who believe that God forgives, but have rarely if ever heard the words, 'Your sins are forgiven' directed to them. Forgiveness has become a concept, often associated with Jesus, but not a word spoken with the tongue or heard with the ear. If forgiveness is an act, it is strictly an internal one,  a movement of the will or emotions. I ask my therapist how I can forgive someone who has harmed me, but by this I do not mean actually absolving them with my words. I mean, 'How can I feel okay about the past?'"

"Parth Kothekar is a paper-cut artist from Ahmedabad, India." Intrigued? You should be. This paper-cut art is so delicate, you won't believe your eyes.

Is your bio a bit bland? Does it need a little spice? Use this Designer Bio Generator to spruce it up a bit. Does it generate anything true? Nope. Is it funny? Here's mine; you decide:

"Skier, ramen eater, DJ, reclaimed wood collector and HTML5 Guru. Making at the junction of modernism and programing to craft an inspiring, compelling and authentic brand narrative. Let's chat."

I love Malcolm Guite, and you should, too. We're days away from Ash Wednesday. Lent is upon us. Before we enter this penitential season, though, allow Guite to give you a glimpse of light.

Finally, don't miss my Tuesday Reflection from this week, in which I ask the question, "...without pain, would you know the locus of your weakness?

Thanks for reading along. Let's let Luke and Old Ben take us out with their rendition of "The Bushes of Love."


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