Weekend Review: Spies, Gamblers, and Coming Clean

It's a muggy weekend here in the Ozarks. There's a low, gray mist hanging over everything, and the temperature has spiked on the front-end of a coming cold front. It's December, and if you were to ask me today, the answer would be yes, I do believe in global warming. It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas outside, which is just fine, I suppose. We have a couple of weeks to go, after all, and there's time for Santa to bring the frigid frosty stuff. Today, the low gray has chased me inside. I'm holing up in the old office, recharging the batteries (the next work week is coming, you know), and waiting for weather to catch up to Christmas. And while I wait, why not catch up on a few good links, perhaps a great book or a solid album?

Need some recommendations? I'm here to help.


Shawn Smucker is giving away 7 books. With titles by Rachel Held Evans, Jeremy Courtney, Erika Morrison, and others, you'll want to enter this giveaway.

I'm giving away 10 copies of Coming Clean to the first 10 people who order a copy before Christmas. Would you like to start a conversation with a friend or family member about walking out of addiction and into sobriety? This is a great way to get a conversational copy for free!


The New York Times ran a fascinating piece on the ruinous path of fantasy sports. Gambling addictions aren't all about bookies and Vegas sports bars. This piece proves it.

C.S. Lewis was a spy for the British government? That's the claim this Christianity Today article makes. It is, hands down, my favorite read of the week.

Check out Aaron Smith's review of Coming Clean. In it, he writes: "The thing about this book is that I found myself going with Seth into his hurts, facing those fears, finding the beginning of healing for the pain." (Thanks, Aaron.)


My friend, Esther Emery, is an off-grid, homesteading marvel. She and her husband, Nick, are building their mountain dream home, and you should check it out. They're getting close.

Make sure to subscribe to Esther Emery's YouTube channel.


The Oh Hellos new album is a great big, swirling, forceful, lyric, melodic sonic wall of an album. And if you like literary allusion and C.S. Lewis, this is your jam. I'm leaving you with a track from it this weekend. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading along, this week. Have an incredible weekend!


Coming Clean: A Story of Faith, is available. You can order online wherever good books are sold, or visit your local Barnes & Noble and pick up your copy!


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