An Original Affair--Prone to Wander

We were affairs from the beginning.  Eve was tempted by the snake, threw her vows away with an apple core.  When the fruit was eaten, she wiped her mouth with a naked forearm and gazed sideways at the serpent of her desire.  That was when she experienced the goose bumps of guilt rising on her upper thighs, when she felt her cheeks deepening red hot. Days after David danced nearly naked, man after the heart of God that he was, he peeped into Bathsheba’s bathing pool.  He was a voyeur from his high tower, lifted above the reaches of integrity.  He drank in Bathsheba’s shapely innocence and determined to rob her of it; Uriah be damned.

The trysts that enamor us, the fantasies and seductions, they are the uglier parts of our human nature.  It’s not a matter of sex.  There. I said it.  It’s more a matter of our cheating hearts.  We were born cheaters, original sinners from the outset.

Prone to wander, Lord we all feel it.

But the heart is a tetherable thing.  I know. I’ve seen it.  Just ask Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well.  Just ask Dr. Henley, the man I know who’s loved his wife well for fifty years.  There is a way to hold tight to your first love… and to your marriage.

The heart is a tetherable thing.