Lagniappe - Debunking a Marriage Myth

Yesterday, I wrote about dispelling that prevalent marriage myth--I never really loved her.   There are others who have written their own love stories, erected alters to remember.   Spend some time on these links today, then sit down and craft your own story. Amber wrote our love story from start to finish here.  She took some risks, but it was worth it.

Ann Voskamp has this way with words.  Really.  Like magic.  She shares snippets of her love story here and here.

Terell and Kristen Welch wrote about struggle, forgiveness, and love here.  The vulnerability here is incredible.  Start with post 1 and work down to post 8.

Duane Scott recounts new love and the loss of a new chair.  Good work, Duane.

Ann Kroeker, writer, compiles a sampling of love stories here.  This post is incredible.  And while you are out it, check out the posts tagged marriage over at The High Calling. Christian Blog Network

Spend some time this week on your own story.  It will be worth it. I promise.