The High Calling: I Do Christian Blog Network This month the editors at The High Calling have been running a narrative series on the topic of marriage entitled "I Do."  The series has been incredible, featuring contributions from Emily Wierenga, Duane Scott, Glynn Young, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Ann Voskamp, Cheryl Smith, and others. Each piece has spoken a different truth about marriage, "broaching the topic from multiple angles for the sake of helping, healing, and considering."  If you're looking for some solid narrative pieces touching on  marriage, spend some time at The High Calling today. In fact, you might follow their Marriage tag. And, while you're at it, I've reworked a piece for the "I Do" series. Read more here.

**Thanks to the editors at The High Calling for all the work you do behind the scenes.  The value you add to that space is immeasurable.