The Marriage Collective—A James 1:5 Experiment

Last night we sat in a circle and prayed over a married couple.  They had shared their beautiful story of grace, explained how only radical truth brought “extravagant forgiveness.”  It was a beautiful time, a time where they encouraged the younger couples to have “no secrets” one from another.  It became their refrain—no secrets, extravagant forgiveness. Amber and I have learned a few things about marriage over the years, and I’ve written about them here.  But last night, as a younger couple shared their story, I realized that we all have our own marriage mantras.  We each have bits of marriage wisdom to share.  Maybe it’s the wisdom of newly wed love—go to bed early and often, you might say with a snicker.  Perhaps it’s a more grizzled marriage wisdom—understand the oneness of marriage, you might plead.  And the truth is, your bit of wisdom was birthed through your story.

So today, with all the humility I can muster, I’m asking you to help me build a collective of marriage wisdom.  Would you be willing to leave what you’ve learned in the comments below? And if you want, share it in brief narrative form.  In other words, feel free to tell a small part of your story and then leave us with the wisdom that grew from it.

This is the stuff the comment box was made for.  I don’t know if it will work, but I'd like to give it a shot.  Let’s see what happens.

Who’s first?