Rejection, Dementia, and a Really Bad Breakup

I took the month of July off (more or less) because I needed a break, a vacation. If God took the seventh day off, couldn't I practice his character by taking the seventh month off? Okay, that's a stretch. I ain't that holy.

I'm scratching out words again today, but it's really just a toe-back-in-the-water attempt to break my mini-sabbatical. I'm here to draw you in, to lure you to follow me elsewhere.

I wrote a poem a while back, a poem for my friend John Ray. I submitted that poem, "Dementia," to a poetry contest for a magazine which shall not be named because I did not win, and if I'd dead honest, I'm still feeling as if I were just dumped by my crazy ex-girlfriend. Sure she's nuts. We all knew it. My friends tried to warn me. But she was so pretty and artistic and promising and how could she dump me? 

This is the wretched and regular feeling so many of us in the writing world feel. Rejection: it hacks our egos into tiny, buriable pieces.

I was lamenting how my poem managed to swindle a rejection letter from that magazine which shall not be named with my friend and fellow writer John Blase. He liked the poem, I suppose, and posted it on his site of stupendous poetry. (You really should spend some time there.) So today, I'm here to ask you to go there. And if you need a bit of a foretaste of my non-award winning poetry, read on:



He asked for the third time who organized this dinner,

who scheduled its courses of salad, the pizza

with whole basil leaves; who’d ever seen pizza

with whole leaves of basil? This He asked

for the third time.


His thumb and forefinger held a tremoring fork;

the back of his hand shivered, even in the blanket

of April’s warm humidity. Skin thin as purple onion peel

stretched over bird bones, everything forgetful of youth—

this is the way all men grow into dust.


To continue reading "Dementia," visit John's place.


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