A Monday Poem (Yes, You Need Poetry)

The world is off kilter (if'n you ain't noticed). There's no need for me to provide the laundry list of proofs. You feel it, don't you? These seasons beg me to remember the gentleness of faith, and today, I'm offering this poem as just such a reminder. And as a brief reminder, [tweetherder]let's discuss how to read a poem.[/tweetherder] Consider the title, what it might say, or foreshadow. Then, read the poem slowly, line by line. Using your imagination, see the text come to life. Then, move to the next line and do it again. At the end of the poem, ask yourself: How do I feel? or What was the takeaway?


To my Sons #2

Some days you will race toddler tipsy, water balloon between your knees, against children more adept at the awkward waddle of boyish games. Carry best as you may–careful, careful— these sorts of events occasion failure, joy falling like eggs from the sky, spilling into a pool of whoops and tears. There, let your father’s faith be gentle, like that of a mother lifting last born from the embarrassment of empty can’ts and into the crook of forever where life’s perfume lingers.


Tomorrow, I'll turn my thoughts back to vocation. These posts, as it turns out, have been among some of my most popular. Why? Who can say, but there seems to be a universal itch when it comes to the careers we choose. I hope to see tomorrow.


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