Psalm #9 (Circus Addicts)

On Mondays I’ve taken to writing psalms. This week's poem was inspired by some recent life observations and the cover of the most recent Oxford American. Even for those of you who are unfamiliar with circus elephants, I think you'll get the point.

There is use in addiction and repentance, in confession and prophesy. It's just a matter of if, when, and how you wield them. At least, that's the way I see it.


Psalm #9 (Circus Addicts)


This is a real thing: to dance around addictions like clowns around circus elephants-- Dance! To tiptoe, too, around conversational white pachyderms with pleasantries. This is the way of men.


"All things may be hidden, but not all things are profitable," You say. The humble prophets who look first to the corner of every room and next to the lower angles of every heart know this. The best of them come preaching more with questions and confession and less with the thundering "Repent!"

"Praise be to God!" they may shout, for there is a higher, hidden dance that is neither secret--not really-- nor shameful. They ask, "would you learn the Way of euthanizing trick elephants, the snow-white pleasantries of dying empty instead of living full?"


This is the secret wisdom taught first of God to the broken prophets, and next by the prophets to the listeners. It is the Way from circus to home, from addiction to not, of riding our elephants down to the death, down to the glue of their bones.

Praise be to God!