The Come by Here Psalms

I've been thinking about Emmanuel--God with us--and the Great Come by Here of God. In considering the ways in which God visits us, his people, I've come back to these two psalms (notice the lowercase lettering; these are my psalms, not the biblical Psalms). In any event, I'm reposting Psalm #1 and Psalm #4 for your consideration here. Seek God and he will be found.


Psalm #1

If there came an eternal morning on the wings of the robins collecting daily manna,

Seek God and he will be found;

one that woke soft silver, and rose new orange only to return to soft silver and to rise again new orange, and so on and so forth,

seek God and he will be found;

if there were only the quiet before the house waking--the mother, the children, and the coercive routine--

seek God and he will be found;

then prayer would linger like morning mist and praise like the Northern Cardinal calling.

seek God and he will be found.


Psalm #4

If I might impose; allow me to to suggest a reinstatement, a return, a coming like the splitting of another veil, the fission of this present from the eternal Real, so that men might tremble in the memory of their once Edenic selves.

Could there be a quickening return of the Immediate Dramatic, a natural transfiguration of clouds, from mist to Face, a thundering rising from the earth's bowells, ozone steaming, rising upwards like asphalt incense?

Were I so bold, might I request a trumpet, a white horse, an inimitable, fierce army of the once low, poor saints? Might the air be filled with all that Is, so that those who would breathe life are filled with life, and those who breathe death drink only dread?

On the mountain called expectation do the suffering poor wait for the terrifying, Vehement Beautiful.

In the deserts of war do the greater men fill their mouths with the orders of bones.