Recovery Room: The Path Through Pain

Welcome to the Recovery Room. Today, I'm writing on the process of recovery from any-old dependency at A Deeper Story. Will you join me? And for more Recovery Room pieces, follow this link.


Last week I was speaking with a friend about my history of dependency and addiction, about the way in which I found myself numbing my anxieties with liters of gin. She is a psychologist who has worked in addiction and recovery, and as I unpacked my story, she said "you don't sound like the typical alcoholic; you sound more like a self-medicator." I paused, considered her statement. I suppose she was right regarding my self-medication, and for purposes of today's installment of the Recovery Room, it doesn't much matter the particular source of my anxiety or the details underlying it. It needs only to be said that my anxiety is rooted in a certain type of spiritual doubt... Continue reading at A Deeper Story. *Photo by Michael Johnson, Creative Commons via Flickr.