Dan King--The Unlikely Missionary, Shalom Bearer, and All-Around Good Dude

Dan King just before giving a #doublefistbump

"I wanted to fix everyone's problems, but these problems are so big.  One man on one trip couldn't possibly make that much of an impact.  I tried to remember that this trip was about planting seeds..." ~Dan King, the Unlikely Missionary

There are a few people you implicitly trust.

I met Dan King in a house full of world changers, a gathering of Shalom People.  It was the night before an orphan care conference and the speakers, contributors, and spouses mingled over dinner.

Gary was there, and he told me about the orphans in Zambia.

Aschalew was there, and we spoke of the political climate in Ethiopia.

John was there, and he told me about the time he met Will Ferrell, how the metaphor of a wandering Elf holds for our generation.

They were grand people, each of them in their own right.  But as I worked my way around the room, there was one dude I was particularly interested in meeting.

“Dan?” I asked as I extended my hand.  “You can call me BibleDude,” he said with a grin.

And then he hugged me.

We sat in some overstuffed chairs in the corner of the living room and he asked me my story, the one involving a trip to Mozambique.  He listened patiently, then told me his Africa story.  Dan spent time in Uganda and Kenya and assisted Five Talents, a micro-lending organization, in teaching grass roots financial planning.  He spoke of the beauty of the local people, how they drew him in.  Dan confessed in humility that he was nothing special, just a normal dude who had been blessed with an extraordinary opportunity.  He was an unlikely missionary, he said.

Dan and I spent nearly an hour huddled in that corner.  As I listened to his story I heard that still small voice whisper, “Dan is an uncommon man, a humble dude who follows well. Listen and learn.”

Dan shares that same story in his new book, The Ulikely Missionary: From Pew Warmer to Poverty Fighter.  He tells the tale of an ordinary working stiff who was transformed by the renewing of his mind.  The insights he shares are priceless, and he does it in uncommonly fluid and conversational dialogue.  You'll feel like you're sitting in one of those overstuffed living room chairs with us.

I’ve followed Dan more closely over these last few months.  He’s the real deal.  Won’t you take the time to GET TO KNOW HIM?



**Dan's book is available in print, Kindle, Nook, and .pdf formats.  There's a format for everyone, so you HAVE NO EXCUSE! Consider this your peer pressure moment.