Numbers 16

Korah was tired of living like a gypsy, careening more than traversing across a desert wasteland where sweet bread from heaven was the meal du jour.  So he gathered two-hundred and fifty men and stood before Moses, accused him of pride.  "We are all holy, Moses, so why do you Lord over us?" Ironic how pride accuses of pride.

In response, Moses fell face down.  He was prone to votumleptic fits like that.  It was not the posture of a self-exalting man, bowing before your enemies.  Moses listened before proclaiming, "you have gone to far Korah! The Lord will make a spectacle of you come sunrise."

High noon might have been more fitting, but the Lord wouldn't wait that long.

Everyone gathered at sun up, the assembly of grumblers along with Moses and Aaron.  They all lit their fire-pots and burned incense before the God.  The Great Friend of Moses, smelling the putrid, burning arrogance of Korah, told the people to get back from his family tents.

Moses spoke to the divided congregation, said "if the Lord allows the ground to open and swallow up the families of Korah, know that God has ordained me."  It's always good to trade on insider information.  Moses was savvy that way.

With only that much warning, the mouth of the earth opened and swallowed the prideful rebellion of Korah--the man who knew better than God's friend.

It is a tricky thing, discerning whether we have been called to lead or follow.  Like Korah, I often err on the side of pride.  But thankfully, grace and mercy keep the earth closed beneath my feet.

Lord have mercy.