Mad Men.

I received and email this week after coming back from a social media sabbath.  It read,

“I see you've re-emerged into the light of social media… welcome back…alas, nothing has changed.”

Yes, it’s true.  We’re still blogging, Facebooking, and tweeting.  Some are still applying a thick veneer to social statuses, trying to convince the masses that everything will ever and always be just fine.  Others strip it all bear, share everything and leave nothing to the imagination.

No doubt, we’re still writing, opining, and delineating.  While some folks continue their line-drawing and finger-pointing, others are desperately trying to blur all the lines.  But even they point.  I do too.

There are lovers and haters of the church, which is to say there are lovers and haters of self.  Both love and anger can be golden calves.

We’re still stretching up the social ladder.  All that effort used to be relegated to corporate mad-men in black suits who drank martinis at three-o’clock.  They charged hourly for their social statuses.  But now the ladder is egalitarian; social; made for the masses and accessible through internet portals.  And mostly, it doesn’t even pay the bills.

Alas, nothing has changed.  There is nothing new under the sun, really.

But consider if we shook it up a bit.  What if we pointed in different directions?