The Saturdaily: Seth's List

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"The Saturdaily" is a weekly roundup of good writing, reading, and listening. Check out my list, then head to Amber's for her own Saturdaily list.

1. I've been writing for A Deeper Story for a bit over a year (have you been following). Today, they make a grand announcement--the launch of two new channels! I'll be over at A Deeper Church, editing, writing, and the like. Would you join us?

2. Remember the days of evangelical Super Bowl Parties with live bands and tables of pizza?Addie Zierman does, and shares her thoughts on event evangelism in "Outreach Events and the Old Bait-And-Switch." She writes:

When they introduce the upcoming outreach at our church they use words like “non-threatening” and “fun.”

(Odd, because the Gospel is quite threatening to the majority of things my flesh finds "fun.") Commentary aside, Addie does a great job fleshing out why she's done with outreach events.

3. This week, Matt Mooney shares his "Plea for Vanya." Vanya, a special needs orphan in the Ukraine who needs a home. I'll only say this: read, and pray.

4. Amber and I have been talking (mostly behind closed doors) about writer's voice and this internet space. In "Where to Find Your Voice," she writes: "let  [your] writing not be afraid to fall apart from the norm...."  A good read for any writer.

5. I've been back into the short stories of Ernest Hemingway this week. He is terse, cruel, and sometimes violent. What a writer!

6. There are songs that stick to your ribs like biscuits. I circle back to Alexi Murdoch's "All of my Days," for years now. It never gets old.


Don't forget to head over to Amber's for her Saturdaily picks. She has some good ones. And share with us: what are you reading, writing, and listening to?