Battle of the Beverages (Another Coffee Prompt)

coffee poetry promptThere is no doubt, we are becoming a coffee culture. Across America, soccer moms have traded Diet Coke cans for paper cups of their favorite double-shot lattes. Working stiffs pull single servings of barely palatable stuff from the Keurig. Hipsters eschew all other permutations of joe for a mug of single-batch Harrar (chemex brewed, of course). It's intriguing, I think, the way our various subcultures have adapted the drink to their own particular styles. This nationwide trend is felt acutely in my medium-sized university town, where we boast no less than thirteen coffee shops, the majority of which opened their doors in the last ten years.  We have local artisan roasters, expert cuppers, and graduate students who prepare well-researched papers regarding the socioeconomic effects of corporate coffee plantations on local farmers. Here, the university has influenced us, so we mostly take our coffee with a bit of cream and a spoonful of pseudo-academic sweetener. And we take it by the jugful.

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How Do You Take It? (A Coffee Poetry Prompt)

coffee poetry promptThere  is  a man who beats me to the local coffee house at least once a week.  He's rugged, wears flannel and combat boots. His beard, unkempt and longish. His eyes, deeply inset. The barista asks him whether he'd like room for cream. He tells her cream  is only good when it's fronted by Eric Clapton, and catechizes that...

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Photo by John Pastorello, Creative Commons via Flickr.

September: Tea for Two (the diary of a coffee quitter)

I am a helpless, habitual coffee drinker. For the most part, I don’t drink yuppie, frothy coffee. No, I drink the black stuff, the kind that tastes like ash. I drink it like it’s a badge of American masculinity, I guess. My grandpa used to say, “real men take their coffee the way God intended it–black as night.”

Today I am at Tweetspeak Poetry, writing their found poetry prompt "tea for two." We'll discuss the British, the Japanese, and my cold-turkey coffee break. Click here for the rest of "September: Tea for Two (the diary of a coffee quitter)."

Photo (top) by ienjoysusi, Creative Commons via Flickr.