July Mosaics - An announcement and a link...

On Friday, I promised a bit of an announcement; today I'm here to deliver.  I've begun an interim stint as a column over at Tweetspeak Poetry, and I couldn't be more excited.  Join me for my first piece (and play along)?


In the summer of 2008, the local Barnes & Noble invited Geoffrey Brock to read from his first book of Poetry, Weighing Light. Metal folding chairs were placed between the do-it-your self section and the clearance picture-book aisle. I'm not sure whether it was the ideal spot for a poetry reading, what with patrons whizzing through the smallish congregation on their way to the music section, but these little inconveniences didn't seem to bother Brock. Line by line he unpacked his book...


*Continue reading at Tweetspeak Poetry.  Read to the end and join us in composing your own found poem!

Photo by Pulpolux. Creative Commons, via Flickr.