Good Links: The Irish Music Edition

It's a lazy Saturday here at the casa de la Haines. My parents--good folks who make their home in the River Valley an hour south of here--offered to keep the children for the weekend. So, instead of waking to the low rumble of a small circus and the constant call for "juice, blankie, breakfast, books," we woke to the delightful sounds of birds chirping outside our window. I'm almost unsure how to handle the sense of serenity in the house. It's near enigmatic.

We have loads of what southerners call "runnin around" to do today, what with church obligations, a wedding, and even more church obligations. But, for the most part, Amber and I get to run around together, holding hands and acting like dating teenagers again. We may score some pastries and eat a slice of cheesecake for lunch. We may drink a fully-leaded Coca-Cola. Who knows what glories the day will bestow?

This morning, I'm thankful for parents who give respite when needed. Yes, my folks are River Valley dwellers, but I don't hold that against them. They're the best.

Speaking of respite, consider kicking back and enjoying a few good links, and a load of good Irish Tunes. (After all, this was the week of the Irish, right?).


***** LINKS:

Read of how an Israeli man sang love to my wife.

"Yet, it is also a fact that we are finite (finite energy, finite vision, finite capacity) and cannot possibly carry the burden (at least not in any deep, meaningful way) of everything." ~Winn Collier

"This is death. The creeping, spine-tingling silence of hushed voices and a room full of people who don't know each other that well. Someone laugh, I want to say. Someone talk louder. Aunt Margie would hate that we're all being so proper." ~Andrea Burke 

If you missed my little discussion of the Two Fasts, take a listen.



I'll be writing more about this soon.