10 Gifts (A Christmas Micro-Giveaway)

If there's anything I've heard about my book, Coming Clean, it's this: "I bought this book for the alcoholic in my life, but as I read, I found it was actually a book for me." Don't take my word for it, though.

"When you open this book, your index finger may be pointing at someone else. By page 2, you realize its pointed directly at you." ~Kathryn Stephens, via Amazon.

"When I first heard of Coming Clean by Seth Haines, I figured I wouldn't connect with the book. After all, I'm not an addict. But, as Haines says in his invitation, we are all addicted to something. This book isn't about addiction but about the human experience." ~Annie, via Amazon.

I hope Coming Clean is a more universal book, that it tells some truth of the human experience. Even more, I hope Coming Clean is a book that starts micro-conversations about pain, addiction, healing, and the very real presence of the abiding God.

What is a Micro-Conversation?

We live in a Big Idea world, a Ted-talking, media-grabbing, conference-gathering sort of place. We live in a place where the loudest ideas are disseminated the most broadly. Messages are beaten, beaten, beaten into our heads, and we buy them, often before we've had a chance to vet them.

The idea of inner-sobriety--confronting pain, rejecting addiction, and walking into forgiveness and healing--is not meant to be unpacked in that Big Idea, conference-circuit world. The idea of inner-sobriety (the coming clean from all addictions) is best suited for an authentic, smaller community, for firesides or dinner-tables, for back-porches and rocking chairs. It is best suited for tiny and continuing conversations, for micro-conversations.

In the micro-conversation, we look into each other's eyes. In the micro-conversation, we field confessions, dry tears, walk from isolation and into accountable community. The micro-conversations facilitate healing. At least, that's been my experience.

Step Into the Micro-Conversation.

When the good folks at Zondervan asked my hopes for Coming Clean, I said, "I hope it starts a few tiny conversations." Today, I'm putting legs to that hope.

Coming Clean is a book that unpacks well wherever two or more are gathered. In other words, it's a good community read. Discuss it in community. Journal your own path to coming clean in community. Community is key--see? (See Eph. 5:18-19)

And to help you start your own micro-conversation, I'm offering a sort of Christmas giveaway.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

For the first ten people who order a copy of Coming Clean TODAY (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), I'll send you an additional, totally free, and possibly signed copy. (Date-stamped proof of purchase required.) It's my hope that you'll use this free copy to start your own micro-conversation, whether with a friend, in a book club, in a church group, or around your dinner table.

If you order your copy, FOLLOW THIS LINK TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE, and leave a comment letting me know. If you're in the first ten, you'll receive a free book! Think of it as a micro-Christmas giveaway.

Thanks so much for reading along, and thank you for reading Coming Clean. So many of you have started these micro-conversations, and I couldn't be more grateful.


Coming Clean: A Story of Faith, is available. You can order online wherever good books are sold, or visit your local Barnes & Noble and pick up your copy!


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