The Sixth Love Language (Hint: It's Literary)

In some circles, there's a lot of talk about the five love languages--gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch (ahem). Drawing from the work of author Gary Chapman, folks posit that each person experiences love through one of these five "languages." But I have news for the Chapmanites: there's a key love language missing, a sixth love language--books. There's nothing that says love quite like a good book. I suppose the converse is also true--there's nothing that matches the desolation of a terrible book.

Last week, I joined Anne Bogel to discuss books. For the most part, we unpacked my favorite novels of the last two years (novels being a specific love language of love languages). We also discussed a terrible book--a self-aware, whiny, horrendous, tormenting, terrible work of drivel not fit for adults, teens or children (but somehow a must-read for writers and lit nerds). And if that weren't enough, there was a moment of self-discovery, a moment in which I realized I have different reading habits for morning, noon, and night. Bizarre, eh?

Perhaps you're looking for a good new read, something unexpected and fresh. Maybe you'd like to know what a non-fiction writer reads in his spare time. Perhaps you're a self-righteous bibliophile who'd like to judge me for my sometimes-bawdy reading list. Whatever the case may be, make sure you check out Anne's podcast. I think you'll enjoy our conversation. I know I did.


Now, tell me: what was your favorite book of the last two years?


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