Weekend Review: Artisanal Wood, Artisanal Water, and a Coming Clean Steal

Welcome to the first non-holiday weekend of 2016. Non-holiday weekend, I say, which means a weekend to recover from family, from travel, from the thirty-pound-a-day sugar habit that's been developing since Thanksgiving. It's time to recover from vacation, maybe take a few baby steps toward your New Year's resolutions. Today's a budget day for me, a day for running, a day for setting up that thing that I've been meaning to set up for the last six months. And as crazy as this may sound, I'm looking forward to getting back to the household grind. (Too much vacation makes you soft around the middle, see.) But before I hit the bricks, let's take a look at few good links.


Last month, Coming Clean was awarded Christianity Today's Award of Merit in the category of Spiritual Formation.  It is an honor, and a humbling one at that. And this week, you can grab an e-copy of Coming Clean for only $1.99! Take advantage of this bargain on Kindle or Nook. (If you'd like to help spread the word about this deal, click here to tweet!)

Speaking of eBooks, do you follow Modern Miss Darcy's Kindle deals? This week's selections include a few great books, including Coming Clean. While you're at her place, signup to receive her Kindle deals in your inbox.

John Blase wrote a heckuva poem this week, a poem that channels the spirit of Bill Holm, 40's tunes on the radio, and rhubarb pie. Did I say it's one heckuva a poem? Take a gander.

I love a good small-batch, artisanal hipster joke. This is one of my favorites from 2015, and I can't stop watching it. If you don't giggle, you ain't human.

And if you liked that, meet world-class water makers, the Timmy Brothers.They're putting the peninsula in your mouth without any strain on the environment.

Finally, enjoy this visual representation of Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself," hosted at The Atlantic. It's one of my favorite things this week.

Thanks for reading along this week. Now, let's get to those resolutions!


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