A Soft Return (Or Hitting the Digital Bricks)

I took a Christmas sabbatical, a time to clear my head and let the cobwebs spread across the old keyboard. Cobwebs don't agree with electronics, or so my brother-in-law the IT maven says, so today I'm pulling out the canned air, spraying down my workspace. Today I'm hitting the digital bricks. This is a sort of soft return, an easy reentry. And as any good book provides a little introduction, a preface, maybe a foreword, allow me a little space to introduce the roadmap for 2016.

I've been working on a journal companion to my October release, Coming Clean: A Story of Faith. I hope it's a helpful tool for those of you leaning into the conversation about addiction, doubt, and the problem of pain. I'll give more information about the journal in the coming days, but know this: on Tuesdays of 2016, I'll provide you with reflections that I hope you'll use as journal prompts. If you want to keep up with these reflections, sign up to receive the blog content in your inbox. (See that maroon box over in the left sidebar?)

I'm also reopening the Recovery Room, a place where guest writers hop in to discuss addiction, doubt, pain, and the process of their own coming clean. Look for these posts on Thursdays (perhaps not every Thursday). The guests writers who have contributed to this series are incredible, and I have no doubt this years contributions will be stellar. (You can read the Recovery Room archives here.)

Amber and I hope to pen a few more Marriage Letters this year, and we hope you'll come along. There's nothing quite like writing personal letters to your spouse to keep the home fires burning. Trust me.

This years resolution? Be a tad more consistent with my Weekend links. On Saturdays, I'll recap the highs and lows of the week, and with any luck, I'll give you something smile-worthy.

It's 2016! Are you ready to get cracking? I am.


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