Small Men Cheating (On Wives At The Bar)

It's National #RecoveryMonth, and today I'm writing a somewhat unorthodox post. Sobriety isn't about the doing or not-doing. It's about the character of the heart.


I sat at the restaurant bar because that's where people eat alone. I was on the road, working on a project in Colorado Springs and after a hard day of work, I was trying my best to enjoy a greasy slab of beef sandwiched between a brioche roll. Across the corner of the bar, two fellas slumped over near-empty trays of chili tater tots and empty margarita glasses and  talked about the waitresses at their favorite dives as if those women were sports cars or cuts of meat. They were pretty proud of themselves, I guess, and they used every ounce of their limited creativity to expound upon the various peaks and valleys of those daughters of someone else. They glanced at the waitress behind the bar from time to time, not so much to ogle her as to snicker at her shape.

One told the other all the things he'd do to the waitress across town, the one with the tattoo just above her breasts, "if only..." but this sentiment trailed off into an incoherent mumble. Would he even know what to do with such a woman, fine specimen of beauty as she must have been? I had my reservations.

These were small men sitting at that bar, and I'm unafraid to put that on the record, judgmental as it may be. And that brings me to my message to all the small men out there who sit with friends at restaurant bars and lust after women like childhood brats might lust after plastic toys or Snickers candy bars: at least [tweetherder text="Give your wife the dignity of removing your wedding band before you cheat on her with your words. #RecoveryMonth"]give your wives the dignity of removing your wedding bands before you cheat on them with your words.[/tweetherder]



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