[tweetherder]A short poem to those who've labored with the dying.[/tweetherder] Yours is the kingdom of heaven.


doula (/do͞olə/) (noun): a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.


I’ve known doulas of new mothers, who’ve labored with; through whispered doubts and the burning spring of new life weeping into this world, they've served.

Their reward is this: to taste the miracle of innocence born.

I’ve known doulas of the dying, too, who’ve carried spirits from world’s womb, who’ve spoken stories of hope for dimming eyes and waning smiles.

Their reward is this: to taste the miracle of innocence reborn.


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The Savage World

In a savage world it ends the same for all.Spent capillaries seep, a throbbing portent of death. Saliva and blood mix salty; the slack-jawed panting. Even the most bold water the ground in those moments when white wolves call them quarry. These alabaster jackals sacrifice the weakest in their packs.  Aiming for higher plains, snuffed snarls fade like galaxies on Kansas dawning.

The edges of the prairie canvas are taut with anticipation. It is a savage world that puts its best to death.

*Inspired by George Catlin's Buffalo Hunt, White Wolves  Attacking a Buffalo Bull, as pictured at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.