The Saturdaily: Seth's List (On Politics and Concrete)

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"The Saturdaily" is a weekly roundup of good writing, reading, and listening. Check out my list.

1.  Winn Collier is one of my favorite, more recent finds on the internet. Winn has a way of telling it straight--take it or leave it. This week he jumps into political banter. Well, sort of. In "Democrat or Republican," Winn writes:

I am genetically incapable of seeing the world in such stark, all-or-nothing categories. Perhaps it’s a weakness. Truth is I have an inkling we need more poetry and less platform, more friendship and less name-calling, better stories and better neighbors...

Winn isn't talking abstention here. He's talking about engagement in a more civil, dare I say, Christ-centered way. (And for a bonus track, check out Winn's "Sugar Shack.")

2.  "[C]laiming God is on our side is also an assertion of power that always involves the rejection of exactly that “God” who Christians claim to worship." Whoa! Who said that? Karl Barth, actually. But Mason Slater quoted it this week in his cutting piece, "Cruciform Politics." I've always enjoyed Mason's writings. He brings a near-acedemic style with an approachability that is refreshing. Dealing with politics in the church, Mason writes:

I hear people speak and I do not hear Christ but simply Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Tea Party, Capitalist, or Marxist ideology baptized in religious language. As if the Gospel does not call every ideology to account.

These are bold words. Thanks for penning them, Mason. Make sure to read this piece in its entirety and leave Mason a few words.

3.  Stepping away from the realm of the political, Amber prompts us to write the abstract, taking cues from the concrete. This week's prompt centers around her bed, our bed. I know I'm married to her, but this piece of writing is authentic and (if I do say so) brilliant. She weaves a history of our marriage into two paragraphs, writing sentences like:

I’ve leaned into it in pain, in submitted labor, where my water has broken twice. I’ve leaned into 13 years there with my husband, the babies made then suckled.

I'm lucky to share a bed with this woman. And no, you don't have to blush when you read that sentence.

4.  Finally, I stumbled across this piece by Theresa Anderson. If you can't worship to this, well... You need to spend some times in the Psalms today.

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