I've been playing with form, the shape of words.  Can we take language, put it together in ways that make mosaics?  And what if some of that language comes from others?  What if we paint in cento? Today I'm offering a bit of a concrete, cento, mosaic.  "Why all the poetry?" you ask.  Come back on Monday for an announcement of sorts, a project I'll be joining in the coming days.  But for now, would you take a gander at the Mosaic Post at Tweetspeak?  Would you consider writing your own found poem?  I did.  It goes something like this:

**This patwork-poem includes phrases from "Girl With 13 Necklaces" (Tania Runyun), "War in the Mind" (Lauryn Hill), "Dust Bowl iii" (Other Lives), and "Synchronicity" (The Police).