High Praise for the Collective, or "See my Tongue? It's in my Cheek."

*A post dedicated to my Spam commenters. You've stood by me through thick and thin. We’ve been receiving some high praise here in the Collective. I’m sure you are unaware, as I try to keep the gushing comments to a minimum. But today, I thought I’d share just a bit of what people are saying behind closed doors, the compliments that tell me I am on to something.

On Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison; Rich was right, Jenni shared.

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She has read between the lines well. In fact, Lord have mercy, I have been looking for an acupuncturist with a legal license for quite some time. A good one can help relieve tension. Much like a good blog post, as I’m sure she was saying.

Sidcar likewise saw the value in Kyrie Eleison, stating

“Now that’s some groovy journalism.”

Yes, Sidcar, groovy is my middle name and journalism is my main game. Thank you for recognizing raw talent. Pure talent.

Bellamie read Shalom People, a heartfelt post about my friends serving in India. Evidently finding the joy in their journey, he writes,

“This made me snicker for a protracted time.”

You and me both, Bellamie. You and me both.

Temps Shadow, a man from whom I’ve tried to drag compliments for years says about Kevin's latest post,

“I am not new to blogging and really value your blog. There is much prime subject that peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking you out. Wish you good luck.”

Temps, it is my sincerest hopes that many prime subjects on which we writes will keep you coming back for more. And more. And more.

Yes, I think I’m really on to something here. Something splendid. Something grand. Something Pulitzer worthy, no doubt. And no, Oxford American, I’m not to big for you… yet.

Granted, it’s not all high praise around here. Matt, a man and who apparently has a great desire to sell me computer parts, writes in his comment—

“How is it that just anyone can publish a blog and get as popular as this? It’s not like you’ve said anything incredibly impressive more like you’ve painted a quite picture through an issue that you know nothing about! I don’t want to sound mean, right here. But do you genuinely think that you can get away with adding some quite pictures and not truly say something?”

Matt, you are a jerk. I will not be purchasing hard drives from you.

Yes, for a time I will keep these heartfelt comments tucked away in the Collective spam filter.  Comments like these puff up, make proud.  But like momma used to say, "don't believe everything that they write about you, son."