Get Your Head Out of Your Rear, Girl!

This is not a piece about Miley Cyrus. Really. Aren't you glad? Are you a soccer mom, a basketball dad, or a baseball uncle? Do you know that parent who wanders the sideline, who screams direction (or worse) at their child after every mistake? This week, I penned a review of Bruce Feiler's The Secrets of Happy Families for The High Calling, which deals with the topic and addresses that parent (and then I said a quick prayer that I'd never fall into the category of over-bearing karate dad).

Enjoy the excerpt, then jump over to The High Calling for the rest of the article.


Vann’s daughter was long and lean, and had the skill of a bona fide college prospect. In only the ninth grade, she ran with the grace of a Serengeti gazelle while simultaneously stalking the low post like a savage lioness. The mastery of her position was a curious thing, however. In the opening quarter of the game, she was a force, a sight to behold. But if she made a mistake, Vann would stand and pace the sidelines. A second mistake, and he pointed and yelled at the referees. After her third mistake, Vann turned on his daughter, sighting her in with both barrels.

“Get your head out of your rear, girl!”

“You’ve got to help defend the backside! Are you blind?”

“Don’t be such a sissy on the low block! Box someone out for the love of Mary!”


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