The Saturdaily--Wendell Berry, Good Friends, and Prosperity

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"The Saturdaily" is a weekly roundup of good writing, reading, and listening. Check out this week's list.

1. Wendell Berry--This week, I turned 35, which is to say half-way to 70, which is to say, I'm nearing my twilight years. The friends came over and shared and evening of good conversation and well-wishes. David Jackson came. He knows good words and he brought me the green book of collected poems by Wendell Berry. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites.

2. John Blase--What do you get when you mix Blase, Stevie Nicks, the rich young ruler, and Deeper Church? An incredible piece for Deeper Church.

...all of a gradually-sudden the thrill is gone: prayer now has all the zip of green tea, we’re bored with church, jobs are being lost along with friends and our girlish and boyish figures, our kids are questioning the faith, we’re even questioning the faith. And we’re scratching our noggins with ‘okay, Jesus, what gives?

What gives? Head over to A Deeper Church to read more.

3. John Ray and Scott Bennett--We've been exploring the creeping prosperity "g"ospel here, and this week John Ray and Scott Bennett wrote incredible pieces. Both of these men have experienced tragedy and found comfort in the promises of Christ. When they speak, it's best to listen.

Today I'll leave you with a nice little piece by The Dust Bowl Revival. "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out." Ain't that the truth.


Now it's your turn. What are you reading, watching, and listening to? Share it with us in the comments.