Hallelujah, Rosie Lea!

P1050348 Those of you who follow along here know that I write a weekly poetry-prompt column for Tweetspeak Poetry. Those who participate there know that the first prompt of every month includes a themed playlist featuring some of my favorite music.  And this month's theme? Coffee and Tea!

Hallelujah, Rosie Lea!

Here's a bit of a sample, but for the full-roast edition, head on over to Tweetspeak (and try your hand at a bit of coffee-talk poetry while you're at it).

[spotify id="spotify:user:125230369:playlist:4SxVAcmWQzqD6eDnRnVu1w" width="300" height="380" /]

Now, let's cut a line to Tweetspeak and create something caffeinated. Are you in?

*Photo by iamtheo, Creative Commons via Flickr.

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