10 Ways to Make The Most of Time

1. In a podcast interview, I was asked what advice I might give the 25-year-old version of myself. "I guess I would have said, 'self, take yourself less seriously.'" I suppose this is to say, I would have cautioned him (me?) to take himself (myself?) less seriously. (You follow?) Would that me have listened to the present me? Probably not. I already had the law and the prophets.

1a. This is a confession.

2. If the 15-year-older version of me comes riding into town on a horse-drawn time machine, if he comes to my house and rings my doorbell, if I answer and the fabric of all space and time does not unravel on the spot (as if a meeting of my minds might cause such an apocalyptic breach) what would he (the 15-year-older me) say to the me of today? (You follow?) Probably this: "Don't take yourself so seriously." Would I listen? Probably not--the law and the prophets and all of that.

2a. This is confession#2.

3. Today I'm making an attempt to heed my own advice. My current me is writing to my current me. (You follow?) This is what I'm saying:

"Today, listen to the birds. Walk around the block. Spin an old record. Eat local bread, maybe a piece of chocolate. Read a frivilous chapter in a frivolous book. Burn incense. Pet a puppy. Say something unintelligible. Gibble-dee wok the corduroy. Have fun in the garden. Do these things because time is not something you own, it is something that sneaks up on you in the end."


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