A Non-Anxious Presence

Here is the thought I can't seem to shake: we are a people aflutter, flitting from hate to hate, from conflagration to conflagration, from anxiety to anxiety. We are a people on fire--skin, heart, solar plexus, brain, everything. Is it any wonder? The world is on fire, and we take that fire by contact. Twitter, Facebook, the local coffee shop, every small group at church, the conversation on aisle 6 at Kroger--everywhere I go, the people carry political anxiety. Russia, Paris, North Korea, North Carolina, Covfefe (huh?). In the news, another black man's house is defaced because he was a black man with an extravagant house (aren't the small-minded prone to burn down every holy place?). Before I can process the politics, the house burning, CNN streams images of people attacking people--men attacking women, race attacking race, straight attacking gay--and now my head whispers to my inner ear.

"Humans are intent on burning each other down."


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