A Brief Update and a Complete Short Story

Thanks to those of you who have been reading and commenting on the Marriage posts.  It's good to hear your perspective.  I have some other obligations over the next few days, but I'll pick that series back  up next week.  Stay tuned in, or subscribe (see... over there in the upper right...) to have the posts delivered directly to your inbox.  Subscribers will also get a monthly collective update in which I share brief snippets of our life, and further give you a chance to share a little bit of yours.  It's right fun. Thanks to Kevin Still for his incredible Tap Room short story.  I decided to post the entire story here because I thought piecing it out was doing it such a disservice.

Thanks Kevin. You're one of the good ones.



“The recipe calls for a batch of dry hops in the second fermentation,” she said, pulling a pint glass towards her face. “But I think I can live without it. Spend all that time cleaning shit out of the first batch just to throw it back in on the second run? Doesn’t make any sense. I say screw the recipe.”

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